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What is Smile If You Dare?

Smile If You Dare is a blog.

What is Smile If You Dare about?

Smile If You Dare is about Money, Personal Finance, Not Working, Retirement. And related topics.

Why did you start Smile If You Dare?

I wanted to comment on my experiences having stopped working (being retired).

Are you a dentist?

No. No relation to anything dental except, like most people, I have some teeth.

Where are you?
I am in the U.S., in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many references in this blog are U.S.-based. No judgment intended.

When did you start Smile If You Dare?

Fall 2017.

Are you really retired/not working?

Yes. I stopped working/retired during Summer 2017. (As it happens,  I do occasionally work about one or two days a month.)

And what are you?

I am a regular person. I am not a professional financial advisor, so anything I write is my personal opinion. What works for me may not work for you. You should do your own research and determine what is right for you.

smileifyoudareblog at gmail dot com.




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